Pixel Your Life


Full-stack e-commerce website and vector art web application.
Turn any image into cool pixelated art for free download or custom printing. Generated images are vector mosaics outputted to a PDF that and be printed to any size without loss of fidelity.


  • Graphic design, business concept & partnership: parallelarts.com
  • Pixel art application: Flex/AS3
  • Front-end: Sencha ExtJs 4 Javascript web framework
  • Back-end: LAMP stack (MySQL/PHP)
  • Secure access for gallery, order management, and project tracking
  • Automated order processing
  • Safe and secure file management

Special Note

The mission of this “side project” was to be a learning experience, hopefully a successful business, but a stepping-stone to getting into web development. Developing all aspects of this web application from rasterizing images, color math, file processing, integrating third-party e-commerce solutions, and managing the deployment of the website in an automated and modular way was an endeavor that gave me a solid skillset to get hired into a full-time UI developement on enterprise software.

In retrospect, completeing this project not only taught me aspects of web development, but it’s bigger lessons were in project management, partnership, and some of our failures in marketing. What I’m most proud of is how robust the solution was even though the business never took off in the way we envisioned it. We did after all, decorate Google’s Boulder offices!